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Monday, May 29, 2006

Why do great shows always get axed?

There are mornings I wake up and wonder just what the network executives were thinking, or if in fact they were thinking at all. And after the newly-formed CW announced their fall lineup I really had to shake my head (Dawn, are you listening?). I'm referring of course to the fact that Everwood, the best family drama on TV, was dropped in favour of One Tree Hill while 7th Heaven was given a stay of execution. Nevermind the fact that Everwood has higher ratings than One Tree Hill, that the timeslot of the show was switched so often it would make your head spin, that the WB never actually bothered to promote the show, or that it was put on mid-season hiatus for so long it was hard to remember what had actually transpired before Christmas. No, it seems the plight of the critically acclaimed show with creative content, fantastic acting, and witty dialogue. And as I mourn the loss of my weekly fix of Amy and Ephram, Hannah and Bright, and even Harold and Andy my thoughts turn briefly to those other great shows shelved in favour of yet some other insipid teen show or documentary on Paris Hilton's new doggie accessory. My So Called Life, Dead Like Me, Arrested Development and who could forget how we were left hanging with Joan of Arcadia?

Parting is such sweet sorrow. And while I seem destined to watch every member of the Camden clan raise twins, it is with fondness that I will remember Everwood and I will yearn for its witty dialogue, honest portrayal of family relationships, and its spirit of hope (who doesn't wish for a Hannah-Bright first kiss in their own life?). It seems fitting that tonight Irv was laid to rest, as narrator it would seem the show cannot go on without him. Everwood you will be missed.


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