So, it turns out I may be slightly addicted to television...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend TV Viewing

Ok, I will admit it. I have, occasionally, watched Saturday morning tv past my pre-teen years. I will even go so far as to admit that during my undergraduate university days my roommate and I would watch Recess and The Weekenders. We would laugh hysterically and wonder how little kids thought these shows were funny. In fact, to this day I will watch Recess or The Weekenders if I see it on the guide while browsing and my old roommate still signs off her e-mails to me with "Later days" - Tino's trademark sign off.

So, today after having done the regular chores and delivered some take-out lobster dinners I am sitting down in at the kitchen table and flick on the CBC (I also admit to being a closet CBC fan - but that's for another day). CBC is the only channel the tv in the kitchen picks up, so I watch whatever is on. Usually, paying little attention. However, today came on this awesome show and I think I may have to purposefully tune in again. It was called Be the Creature and I have to tell you - I have never found meerkats so interesting in my life. Not to mention that the Kratt brothers, who host this show, seem so animated and cool that I want to go camping in Botswana with the meerkats. Of course, a few minutes after the show my sense returns to me and I remember that I hate camping, so the African jungle may be pushing the limit of good sense.

However, it got me thinking about Saturday morning tv. Lately I've heard people talk about the state of Saturday morning cartoons and children's shows that are violent or encourage consumerism or otherwise provide little thoughtful content. So way to go Kratt brothers for doing such a great job - as I'm certain this show is too cool to be aimed at my age group - and way to go CBC for showing it. It's fun, it's educational, and it's cool. Go meerkats go!


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