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Saturday, June 06, 2009

What a way to end.

Oh. My. God. What a way to end indeed!!

I'm talking about the season finale of Law&Order SVU, obviously. And their best season finale EVER. In fact, the best season finale of a procedural crime drama EVER.

Now, I'll admit, I've had an on/off relationship with the Law&Order franchise. But I've been a pretty loyal follower of SVU - mostly because I love the on screen chemistry of Benson and Stabler (and in the early years I had a definite crush on Christopher Meloni - though I found it hard to keep that up after watching him in Oz... but I digress.)

I like Law&Order because it deals with topical issues and often gives a thoughtful spin on current events. I find it much more thought provoking in terms of real world issues and politics than say, a CSI show or Without a Trace. I like that we don't get more than a glimpse at a time into a character's life. And I hope if they ever do end up pairing Olivia and Elliott that it only comes at the series finale because it would change their awesome dynamic too much (though I know there are many if you out there who are ElO fans and would love for it to happen. ElO fans, please don't hate me.)

Anyway, getting back to the season finale. The whole episode was great - excellent guest performances by Kelly Bishop (Loralei's mom on Gilmore Girls) and Judith Light (of Who's the Boss? fame but has been a series regular since 2002). I've always enjoyed Judith's work as Judge Donnelly on SVU and she got some great lines in this one: "Is everybody crazy today? People, take your meds!"

Again, Stabler and Fin had great, scarcastic "throwaway" lines. Hats off to excellent writers for making this a drama that is sharp and professional and yet light and funny in unexpected moments that don't detract from the overall story. It's a lot of what I like on The Unit as well. Sigh. Moment of pause in silent tribute to a great show that CBS killed too soon.

Okay, back to SVU. Zebras, was an aptly named title because, as it turned out, there was a crazy "Zebra" running around loose. And if you missed the finale and wonder what the heck is she talking about zebras for, Olivia gives a line at the beginning to the young CSU Stuckey that "if you hear hoofbeats in Central Park, don't go looking for zebras." In other words, don't overlook the obvious, because the answer is often the obvious.

In a heart-pounding ending that had my heart beating out of my chest we find out that young Stuckey is in fact a crazy psycho killer himself. I was shocked when O'Halloran was murdered and I literally screamed and covered my eyes as he cut Stabler over and over again. And then Olivia turns up and plays Stuckey's game until the last minute when she finally has him where she needs him to be and she and Stabler take him down. Even after it finished I was still shaking. Another great performance by Mariska Hargitay - worthy of another Emmy nod I'm certain.

And then, Stabler's final line made the whole episode, the whole season in fact. "What a way to end." What a way indeed. Thanks for the twists, the turns, and the heart stopping drama! This is one satisfied SVU fan.

And if you haven't had a chance to watch the finale yet - head on over to whatever online video sharing site you want and look it up. It's well worth your time.


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