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Monday, March 22, 2010

No salam, no alaykum, sweet Lord break out the bacon!


(that line by the way, I can't take credit for - it was perhaps one of the best lines Rev. Thorne gave this season.)

It took one long painful year, but finally, Little Mosque on the Prairie (LMOTP) is back in fine form. I think somewhere during this season (maybe when the ratings sunk and all the fans started crying out how the show had jumped the shark and created the worst possible character ever in Rev Thorne) the writers had an "ah ha" moment (as Oprah calls them) and decided they needed to return to their roots - funny dialogue and the Amaar/Rayyan romance. If only they could have brought Yasir back for the finale it would have been perfect.

I have really enjoyed the last few episodes of LMOTP. I liked that Amaar and Rayyan were starting to look at each differently, I felt the hope for them again. I liked that Rev Thorne got his comeuppance, as did Baber. I liked how Amaar's character grew into a strong imam, one that, if I were Muslim, I would want to have as my own imam. I just wish it hadn't taken all of season 4 to get us back to where season 3 left off. Here's hoping for a season 5 because I really want to see an Amaar/Rayyan wedding. But the rumour mill is saying is cancellation heaven for this show. And that makes me sad. Because those budget cuts at the CBC are probably what doomed the show - (seriously, did they hire replacement writers, because the show had a lobotomy for the first 3/4s of the season).

I never like to see anything run into the ground. Especially a good, funny Canadian show that was new and bold and different from the rest of what is on TV. It makes me sad.

Do you hear me CBC??? You make me sad. If you cancel LMOTP I may have to break up with you. I may have to side with all those other Canadians who say the CBC is irrelevant and useless and can't come up with any good shows, and I don't want to be that kind of person. I must admit though, I've had a wandering eye. Sometimes I wonder why you can't be more like the BBC...

So, I've picked up Criminal Minds. Good golly, when am I ever going to find the time to watch all these crime dramas??? I like it though. I think I might it save it for when nothing else is on, but I'm trying a new experiment. I'm watching the show backwards, starting from the most recent episode. A whole new perspective on a series emerges this way. Reminds me of that movie "Irreversible" that I saw when I was living in Scotland (Edinburgh Fringe Festival - well worth a watch but I must warn you that the movie is in French and it is brutally violent. Brutal.). Loved episode 100. Well played. Though to me Hotch is still and will forever more be "Greg" from Dharma & Greg. My husband watched a clip with me and says "Oh, it's Greg!" and I told him the other day to prepare for episode 100 because "Greg's wife dies". It's funny how some characters never die, even when the actor is in a new and completely different role. Is that the actor's fault? Do you think it's because they can't break out and do something different? Or is it the viewer's fault? I'll have to sleep on that.


I think I may have to root for the detectives now on the Amazing Race. But I still love the cowboys the most. And I'm so glad team Big Brother is gone! Now if Miss North Carolina or whatever state that dimwit is from could just get eliminated I'd be all set.


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