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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's that time of year again - May Sweeps. And with that, many of my favourite shows are back on the air with new episodes and giving it their A game.

Two shows stand out as stepping up to the plate as their season winds down. The first is Stargate Universe. I have been on the fence for this show. I loved Stargate Atlantis. I have never watched Stargate SG-1. What I liked about Atlantis seemed to be missing from Universe - witty dialogue, engaging characters, and action. Many nights I felt like I was watching a soap opera. However, I feel like the tide is beginning to turn. There is still too much personal drama for my liking and there are still some actors along for the ride who clearly didn't graduate from drama school, however, the dialogue is getting better and the action is coming into it. I find myself anticipating the next week's episode - this is a good sign. I like that we're showing a human side to Dr. Rush, but I dislike how much we are supposed to dislike him. I miss Rodney. Couldn't they bring him on for a guest stint through the magic body swapping crystals?

The other is The Office. Don't get me wrong - I have always been a huge fan. And I followed religiously when Michael started his own paper company and when things started to derail a bit. But lately we're back to office gold. Back to the good old pranks and funny hilarity that is The Office. I very much enjoyed last week's intro where Pam and Jim are communicating in Morse Code. Bring on the funny!!

In other news - Glee mania seems to have taken over. Everybody seems to be watching the "back 9". The Madonna episode was classic and I loved every second of it. And, predictably, it's been hard to regain that momentum. Still loving Sue Sylvester though. And I liked the Cheerio ep on weight and self-esteem. Many felt it was a weak episode but I felt that it gave a good message.

And I couldn't finish off this post without mention of The Amazing Race finale. I was bitterly disappointed that Dan and Jordan won. I was rooting for the cowboys like most of the world, but I just felt the way they butted in line at the airport in Shanghai was unsportsmanlike and kudos to the cowboys for taking the higher road. I would have laid out Jordan flat and walked over him to the check-in counter.


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