So, it turns out I may be slightly addicted to television...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Um, hello, someone is messing with my TV schedule and I am not pleased.

Lately I feel like the networks are playing a game of chess with my shows and moving them around willy nilly. Someone better declare checkmate soon.

So - after an agonizing wait we have a new episode of The Good Wife. And just as soon, we have another break before the rest of the season airs in May. I knew I didn't like CBS.

And Law & Order recently switched nights. Glee returns on Tuesdays. Every week I have to head to spoiler sites to figure out when what I want to watch is on, if it is even on, and when it might be on again.

I liked this episode of The Good Wife, but I felt it fell a little short on plot development. We had a 3-second window to look at the Will/Alicia relationship, 5-seconds to see that Dianne is getting it on with the Republican balistics expert and the rest of the episode just focused on the case at hand. I did really like seeing the case through the jury's eyes and having that drive the episode. The ending was tense and I was on the edge of my seat - as I know I was supposed to be. And I had the gut wrench when she accepted the deal because I knew if she did they would find her not guilty. I would have almost preferred that we didn't see the slips of paper in the wastebasket. I think it would have been much better to just show them throw the ballots out and leave. Not so cliched.

New Criminal Minds tonight - that was exciting. We are introduced to the new BAU team that is going to lead us down the spinoff path. Led by Forrest Whitaker this team is entirely different from our favourite agents at Quantico. This team is more rogue, more "edgy" - if edgy means you did 6 years, 3 months and 4 days at St. Quentin (and I'm not talking about the tiny town in New Brunswick - I mean the prison). Mixed reactions tonight on the message boards - many loved the ep but not the new team. I'm sensing a little pushback. I'm new to Criminal Minds this year so not as invested - maybe that makes it easier for me? I've also never watched NCIS and I'm hearing lots of comparisons to their spin off. In any case, I'll state it for the record. I like the new team. I really like the Brit. And I like that this team is different, mysterious and slightly below our radar. Hotch's team always feels so stuffy to me (it's gotta be the suits) that this feels like fresh air. And here's hoping for a little agent romance.

Against my better judgement I watched 90210 this week. Jasper's suicide attempt reaked of pathetic-ness. Could we not just have him killed off? And maybe Annie too? At least try and make her character likeable. Please??? As for the rest of them - I was all into the Silver/Teddy romance in the beginning. But now it's falling into cliche land as well. I just don't feel it. And Teddy looks old enough to be her father. I liked her and Dixon together last year - Silver often had the best lines before she went nutty and her mother died. And the fact I just wrote all that proves this show is just...beyond. The whole lesbian romance between Adrianna and Bruce Willis' daughter also isn't doing it for me. Mostly because I think Willis Jr. can't act and that irritates me in every single scene.

Last but not least, (at least for this post), watched the preview for Vampire Diaries tonight and if the preview is anything to go by this Thursday is going to be intense. I could hardly watch the preview. The show continues to string me along and make me laugh. I loved the end of the last episode where a Stefan, fresh from battle, is having a post-date bedtime chat with his love while Damon is carrying a dead body over to the fire to burn. I love that it never seems to take itself too seriously. I hope they keep up the freshness of this show in coming seasons.

Oh - and Glee returns on April 13th!!!!