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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Fall Season is Here! The Fall Season is Here!

Woo-hoo!!! The long summer is coming to an end tonight with the premiere of "Prison Break" and the new show "Vanished" on Fox. I admit, I am not a loyal follower of Prison Break, but the mere fact that it's having it's season premiere tonight means it's not long until my favourite shows are back with all new episodes! I may check out "Vanished" but frankly I think there's enough season-long mystery shows on the air (Veronica Mars, 24, etc) and kidnapping shows (Without a Trace, Kidnapped).

I am, however, going to watch the premiere of "Justice" Aug 30 on CTV with Victor Garber leading a team of defense lawyers. It's nice to see that so many of the ex-Alias crew have found work. In addition to Victor, Ron Rifkin and Balthazaar Getty are starring in "Brothers & Sisters" (ABC, Sep 24) and Greg Grunberg is in "Heroes" (NBC Sep 25). Of course, life without Michael Vartan every week will not be the same - he was my TV boyfriend until John Krasinski came along.

I'm curious about "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" with Matthew Perry and the trailers for "Men In Trees (ABC Sep 15 with Anne Heche) and Ugly Betty (ABC Sep 28 with America Ferrera) made me laugh out loud. J.J. Abrams has a show called "Six Degrees" coming Sep 21 on ABC. "The Nine", of which I've heard good things" starts Oct 4, also on ABC. Really, ABC is looking like it might have the best lineup of new shows which may redeem it in my mind from a VERY disastrous summer.

My big question this fall: what will replace Alias and Everwood on my must-see TV schedule?

You see, every year I allow myself only so many "must-see" shows - otherwise my life gets overrun by the TV and even I, self-confessed addict that I am, understand the importance of having a life outside the world of television. So I've got two 1hr slots open (or four 1/2hr slots, however you look at it).

And to be honest, I almost never watch a show in it's first season. Do you? I don't because I can't get involved with something only to have it cancelled before it can even get good. I need some kind of commitment already in place before I can lend my heart to a show. "The Office" - never watched until last summer's repeats of season 1 were on NBC. "Veronica Mars" - read about it all year on TV Gal's column but didn't become addicted until the pilot aired on CTV last summer. That pilot was all it took - bought season 1 on DVD and the rest is history (even if I have to get copies from other people because I didn't get UPN). And for my all-time favourite show - "Alias" - I didn't pick up until midway through season 2. And even then, I wasn't hooked until the finale where Syd woke up and several years had passed.

So that said, I'll take suggestions - new or returning shows - that you think would be good replacements. I just have a few rules: My Tuesday nights are taken (Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars - YAY!!!), I have already watched (and dumped) Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Otherwise, if it's not up against "The Office" I'm open to it.

And before I sign off for today - for the record, here are the other premiere dates I've tracked down so far:

Law & Order CI - Sep 19
Law & Order SVU - Sep 10
Kidnapped - Sep 20 (w/ Jeremy Sisto formerly of "Six Feet Under" - might be worth watching)
The Office - Sep 21
ER - Sep 21
Law & Order - Sep 22
Heroes - Sep 25

Men In Trees - Sep 15
Six Degrees - Sep 21
Brothers & Sisters - Sep 24 (also has Rachel Griffiths of "Six Feet Under")
Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Sep 24
Ugly Betty - Sep 28
The Nine - Oct 4

Jericho - Sep 20
CSI Crime Scene Investigation - Sep 21
Close to Home - Sep 22
Without a Trace - Sep 24

7th Heaven - Sep 25 (shudder)
Gilmore Girls - Sep 26
Smallville - Sep 28
Supernatural - Sep 28
Veronica Mars - Oct 3 (Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!)

Prison Break - tonight
Vanished - tonight
Standoff - Sep 5
Til Death - Sep 7
The Simpsons - Sep 10
Family Guy -Sep 10


Anonymous Earl said...

I'm always a fan of anything that has my namesake - so I suggest My Name is Earl.

11:14 AM

Blogger ninepounddictator said...

You are like my God!! I can't tell you how excited I am for the fall premiers. In fact, I watched Prison Break for the first time ever solely because it was a premier...I actually kind of liked it....Track down when Nip/Tuck is starting!!!

2:50 PM


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