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Friday, September 22, 2006

Big Tuna

Big Tuna!?! My tv boyfriend's new nickname is "Big Tuna"!?!!??!! I just don't know about that... But I do know that those puppy dog eyes of Jim's over the computer screen at the Stamford branch is priceless! I missed him so much over the summer.

So, in case you didn't know (ie live in a hole or somehow don't watch, in which case you should be ashamed...) The Office was back with "Gay Witch Hunt", the season 3 premiere, on Thursday night. People - Thursday night Must-See TV on NBC is back!! Not since Friends, Will&Grace, Srubs and ER has such a great night of television existed. This Thursday night was the premiere of My Name is Earl, The Office and ER (with what I considered to be a long commercial break of Deal or No Deal in between. Sigh. Just not a Howie fan.)

The best news of the night was that Pam didn't end up marrying Roy!! Then again, she didn't end up with Jim either so I'm a little broken-hearted. But I'll live. David and I watched it together and we laughed until we could hardly breathe, the episode was so funny. When Michael tries to kiss Oscar to prove a point I almost passed out I laughed so hard. I know some people are probably a little against the whole premise of this episode but as Greg Daniels (executive producer) said in his live blog Thursday night on - "We're not running for office here." It was so in character with Michael and Dwight that anything else wouldn't have been authentic for the Scranton branch.

But the major question of the day: Will Jim stay in Stamford? Yes my friends, Jim has transferred to Stamford and I miss him around the office. Though in the end, I think it's neat to see another branch of Dunder-Mifflin and how they make fun of the Scranton branch. For the all the craziness of Scranton, Stamford is just the other side of office life - overly competitive, uptight people looking to prove themselves. I'm thinking that there's some good comedy to come out of this. And like I said, Jim looking over his computer at the camera... priceless.


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