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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my "Girls" are back in town

Last night was the season premiere of Gilmore Girls and thank goodness for timeshifting otherwise I would have missed it. I know, that's so sad. There I was watching a promotional DVD from Princess Cruises and then all of sudden the penny drops "Oh my god. I missed Gilmore Girls."

So I ran downstairs to the other tv, the one with the timeshifting, praying that GG was on Global on Tuesday nights too (since I only get timeshifting on Canadian channels - yes, I know you can get it on the US ones too but that costs more and I have to draw the line somewhere.) It used to be that GG was on the WB on Tuesdays and Global on Wednesdays and I couldn't stand to think I would have to wait an ENTIRE DAY to see it - when all the other blogs and websites I visit will all have written their thoughts on the premiere. I'd feel like such a loser...

As luck would have it, it was on Global and I watched it from what I think was Calgary - somewhere out west anyway. And... it was just okay. All that and IT WAS JUST OKAY. I've read the spoilers, I hear this season will be great. And not to fret because Amy Sherman-Palladino is gone. Frankly, on the Amy front I thought the show jumped the shark last year with Luke's long lost daughter so I wasn't too broken up about it. It just felt like a bit of a letdown after a summer of anticipation. Luke and Lorelai over? Just like that? It didn't even upset me, they just seemed like bizarre wooden stick figures during those episodes - where was the spark of the old Luke and Lorelai? It was missing all last year and they didn't get it back. Maybe the show has run its course? I can't believe I'm writing that.

But Paris was the saving grace of the show. The best scene was her summer SAT-prep business where she gets both a mother and a daughter to fill out an aptitude test because she needs to know how much of it is the mother's fault and how much is the daughter's!

So I wait for next week to see the ramifications of Luke and Lorelai's breakup and how Rory and Logan will cope with miles of ocean between them. And I hope I care enough to tune in for episode 3.


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