So, it turns out I may be slightly addicted to television...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Couple

I really thought the Lorelai/Christopher relationship would be unsettling, but lately I find myself rooting for Christopher (Luke fans - please don't hate me and stop throwing rotten apples at me in the street...). I know the devoted fans of Luke are very, um, devoted but he lost me last year with his sketchy behaviour surrounding the whole April-is-my-long-lost-daughter-debacle.

When Lor woke up in Christopher's bed at the end of last season I thought this season would be awful, but you know, he really redeemed himself last year. I think it's time we gave Christopher a chance.

And just how adorable were Rory and Logan last night? Having done the long distance relationship thing between North America and the UK I can appreciate everything Rory is going through (except it was me in the UK and him in Canada but I was going to uni).

Speaking of Logan - did you keep watching to see him appear on Veronica Mars as "Charlie Stone", supposed half brother to Logan Echolls? What a cutie in his wetsuit!!

And that really is it for me right now. I missed almost everything last week because I was away with a group to Cape Cod (I own a tour company in my offline world) and sometimes work gets in the way of even the most devoted of prime time tv watchers...


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